About bikbuk

Story behind

Indonesia is a country with a very large population, fourth after the United States. Spanning over 5000 km from Sabang to Merauke, with a variety of resources in the ocean and land.

Dengan banyaknya kekayaan yang bangsa ini miliki membuat kami resah. Apabila bangsa ini tidak mampu mengelola kekayaannya sendiri maka bangsa lain lah yang akan datang untuk merampas nya baik secara halus maupun dengan paksaan.

With more than 250 million people, we want to make Indonesia known to the world with its quality digital products through bikbuk. We as a provider of complete and renewable digital services at affordable prices want to open as wide opportunities as possible for the sons and daughters of the nation to develop their ideas, especially to utilize various resources of the nation's wealth for the advancement of this nation itself.

We are ready to help by building and providing reliable, sophisticated, renewable and very affordable systems. So that good and brilliant ideas of the sons and daughters of this nation can soon be realized efficiently and effectively.

For 2 years, our team has carried out various researches in the field of technology ranging from the web, app, artificial intelligence, big data, block chain, IoT, and security. We also continue to do research and development until now. All of the results of this research are for the nation to develop its potential and as foreign exchange earners from the services we export abroad.

BEAUTIFUL MIND, this is our philosophy and tagline.

Meet the team

Muhammad Miqdad

Wahyu Eko Saputro

Reza Zesariana Raihansyah
Mobile Developer

Jajat Sudrajat
UI/UX Designer