Contract Development


You can create a website with a contract system, as in general the software is made. However, we recommend that you hire our developers here. Contract system is the most common system used in making software by large and small companies. With this system you have clarity when your order software will be completed and the price determined by negotiation. However, this system besides being more expensive is also not flexible.

During our trip serving clients using a contract system, we found many obstacles including :

1. Client desires that always change

Not only often but every client always changes his desire even though it has been agreed. We also agree that the change is usually better. But with this system it is very difficult to do, because it will add to the cost burden and the time target must also be extended.

2. Many features are wasted

Many clients who come to us ask for various features from A to Z, but after completion only a few features are used. The causes vary, ranging from employees who have difficulty using new tools to design flow that does not fit into the organization / client company that should be able to accelerate instead it actually slows down.

3. Complex and very expensive.

The more features embedded in one application, the more likely there are errors / bugs and the more difficult to fix. In addition, it requires a more intensive training program for company employees, even a special guidebook is needed. This requires more time and more energy.

The various problems above encourage us to innovate in order to improve service and customer satisfaction. The result of these innovations is our latest service "Hire Developer" that you can see here. In short, the service was able to solve the 3 problems above and many of our clients began to feel the benefits.

Nevertheless the contract system still has advantages which for some companies are important, because it requires more certainty. Therefore if you still want to use this system there are a number of conditions :

1. You must already have a design, both display design, feature design, flow / process design, and user access. This is important because we cannot determine the costs needed if there is no visual design that is truly mature. If you don't have one, you can use the services of our developer to help design the design.

2. There must be no change, except only a small change. And if all the small changes are put together, the additional time needed is no more than 10% of the total total processing time.

3. The fastest calculation of cost is 3 days

4. 50% payment

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