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Big App

1. Discuss with us and tell what you need

You can discuss with us via online meeting or face to face meeting. It is free for online meeting or meeting that take place in Bandung. If you want us to come to your city you can pay accommodation and fee. Contact us for more information and to schedule meeting.

We will share our experience to be successful in developing software. It is not only about making app, it's about making impact.

2. Estimate your request (usually it takes 1-3 days to calculate)

We will give you detailed week by week projection work from start to finish. (this is not guaranteed that it will be finished in the projected time.

  • - First because it is difficult to calculate complex job precisely in a long time future.
  • - Second, if in the middle of development you change or add something it can change projection. This often happens, better ideas sometimes found late).

We only give guarantee each week before each milestone start. See next step.

3. You Pay

Before we can work on your project you have to pay in front, this is because you have to book a schedule. We work on multiple project and sometime we hired on multiple project at the same time and our resources are limited.

In big app we divide project in weekly basis, before each milestone begins, you must pay for that portion of the project. We will send you invoice every week and we will describe what kind of features that you'll get based on projection before(If the project doesn't finish in a given time, you don't have to pay additional cost, if it finished earlier before the weekly schedule we will continue to the next step to speedup development process.). After each milestone finish, we will send you a video to prove that features we promises is work.

4. Finishing

After all milestone is done, we will test a whole features of your project that you’ve requested to us to make sure all of them is work in sync and we'll send you a video of the result. After this stage your aplication turn into alpha version from development version, and at this stage you'll find a lot of bugs that can't be found on simple testing so you have to set aside some budget more or less 30% from your development budget to fix it untill its ready for production.

5. Bug Fix

Bug is always disturbing, here we give you stages of development so you can have confidence over your users.

  • - Alpha (fresh from the oven)
    Alpha testing performed by Testers who are usually internal employees of the organization and requires a lab environment or testing environment.

    In this phase, your app will be marked as Alpha version. So users can understand that this app is not production ready yet and is not stable. But user can use the app for limitted usage and for testing purpose.

  • - Beta (After you use/test internally and fixed some bugs)
    Beta testing is performed by Clients or End Users who are not employees of the organization and doesn't require any lab environment or testing environment. The software is made available to the public and is said to be real time environment.

    In this phase, your app will be mark as Beta version it is more stable than Alpha version but still not 100% ready.

  • - Release (after limited public usage and fixed some more bugs) Your app are ready to unlimited user.