Frequently asked questions


What services does bikbuk provide?
bikbuk provides services in making custom development websites and mobile applications with contract and rental work systems
What projects can bikbuk do?
Basically any project can be done as long as it includes on the website and mobile app development, by discussing in advance about the system and the scale of the project you want to make
Can we add features when development is underway?
It can be as long as the changes are minor and do not change the workflow of the agreed system
If there are problems, is there a guarantee?
We provide a different warranty for each service. For service contracts we provide a warranty for 6 months after the website / application is published. And for the lease service, we guarantee for 2 months if you use our testing services, and if there are still bugs, then we will fix it to completion. with a note that you did not change the system that we made.
Can anyone create a bikbuk account?
Yes, everyone can create a bikbuk account, especially if you want to use our services.
How do you top up your balance?
Please login using your account, then enter the 'add balance' menu, please select the nominal you wish to add after that transfer to one of the accounts available. If you have successfully transferred to our account, the balance will automatically be filled.
What is the balance function?
The balance is used to make transaction services in bikbuk, suppose you use a server service of Rp. 30,000, then the balance is reduced by that too.
Is there a notification when the balance runs out?
If the balance has reached the minimum balance of Rp. 5,000, the system will automatically send notifications via your email that has been registered in the bikbuk