Server for Client

You can rent our server with attractive features and low prices.

As a form of our concern for customers, we present a server service for those of you who want to get all the benefits of convenience. So you no longer need to hire IT personnel to take care and oversee the server. You can focus on your business and organization.

However, we also provide options to customers if there are those who want to use a server that is already owned or use a third-party server.

Only with 70 rupiah / hour, you will get benefits of :

Server maintenance free

We always keep and monitor that your web / app is always up and running for 24 hours. You don't need to do repairs, server temperature settings, network settings and provide a backup system. So you can focus more on your business

Security system

You don't need to worry about the security of your web / app, because we have used SSL / HTTPS security certificates, password encryption, file encryption, and DDoS attack protection.

Database management

The data we manage is stored safely and is always backed up, if your users multiply and the data collected is piled up, our system can hold up to several petabytes of data

Server management

With the autoscale feature you no longer need to manually increase or decrease the number of servers that you rent. Every time there is an increase or drop in the burden on your apps / web. You only need to determine the maximum and minimum number of servers you use, then our system will automatically adjust the number of servers

Automatic vs Manual

We understand that managing a business or organization is not easy, there are always ups and downs and changes. Not infrequently government and private websites down because of the many visitors who access. So IT technicians need to make adjustments to increase server capacity. Apart from taking hours, this also reduces the comfort and reputation of the company. Then after the number of visitors returns to normal, IT technicians also need to make adjustments to reduce the number of servers so that the company is not burdened with unnecessary excessive costs.

In bikbuk you don't need to worry, we have the Autoscale feature. So you don't need to hire an IT technician and wait long to raise or lower the number of servers. When autoscale detects an increase in activity and the number of visitors automatically the server will be added, whereas if autoscale detects a decrease in activity the server will be reduced as needed.

With this feature you can save on server costs while increasing the credibility of your company. The following is a comparison of automatic and manual systems :

1. Automatic server

This system works by adjusting the use of server capacity, if the system is busy, the server capacity will increase automatically, and vice versa if the server is not busy, the capacity will also be reduced according to the conditions, which has an effect on the costs and convenience for visitors to your website / application.

Examples of automatic server statistics :

2. Manual server

This system works with fixed capacity usage, not affected by server busyness dynamics. To determine this option is expected to already know the approximate capacity of the server normally accessed by the user

Examples of manual server statistics :